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Do You Love Rewards?

Happy February!

The new year is well underway. As a business owner, I know how important customer appreciation and loyalty is. The truth is that even if a customer loves your business, life may get in the way of them spending as much money and time in your establishment as they would like.

So, we have put together a list of ways you can show your followers or customers some love during their busy lives year round via social media!

3 Tips for Using Social Media to Reward Customer Appreciation

Tip #1: Loyalty Rewards Program

Now you may be thinking about the traditional punch cards, when you hear the phrase “loyalty rewards”, but the truth is that there are more modern ways to encourage customers to spend more money with your business that don’t involve more work for your staff or team.

One way to do that is by rewarding customers for checking into your business on Facebook. What’s great about this method is there is no extra work for your crew. The customer or patient simply needs to “check in” and show your team member where they did so on their phone. For this to work, be sure to announce it on your Facebook page, have staff mention it to patrons and consider putting a flyer or poster in your lobby as a reminder. You can also offer a discount for customers who use your businesses hashtag (if you have one).

Tip #2: Giveaways and Contests

Let’s be honest, EVERYONE loves a giveaway or contest! But some business owners are hesitant to offer “freebies” of any kind. What I like to remind them is that the beauty of holding a giveaway or contest is that YOU control the parameters. You don’t have to give something away to everyone that comes in your business! You can simply use them as a way to encourage followers to engage more with your social pages. If they are interacting with you, then your business will be more organically visible to THEIR friends. It’s a win-win.

One simple way to do this is to create a giveaway post and ask users to comment as a method of entry. However, DO NOT require them to SHARE or TAG a friend to be entered, or you will be violating Facebook’s terms of service.

Tip #3: Customer Spotlight

Every person likes to feel appreciated. A simple way to do this is to tag or shout out to a loyal or regular customer via social media. The trick here is to be specific about why this person deserves a special mention. However, do make sure to ask their permission first before using a photo or personal information. Depending on what your business sells or offers, the customer may desire discretion.

While these ideas work like a charm, they do work better on pages that are already primed, aka: they are active with frequent posting.


If you just don’t have the time to focus on creating and sharing social media content that your followers will love, we can help! Give us a call at 716-926-9380 for a free consultation to learn how we help businesses automate their social media!

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Sean Fitzgerald, founder at Gung Ho Local - creative marketing for local businesses

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