Digital Ads

Stop wasting money with Newspapers, Radio and TV advertising.
You MUST be on their PHONE to get noticed!
new customers online, in specific areas, with Facebook "Billboard Ads" and drive more people to your business.
design and messaging is what makes the difference on any advertising platform. But with Digital Ads, you can test ideas, measure what's working and adjust quickly.
You don't have to outspend your competition, you just have to make it easier for people to do business with YOU, online.


Digital Ads



FACEBOOK and GOOGLE can be excellent platforms to place an Ad.


These sites allow you to draw a virtual circle around your Business, and narrow down your Local Ad Targeting to just a few miles, which greatly increases your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

Social Posts

I create and post relevant content to your Facebook and Instagram pages.


These branded posts will grow awareness of your Local Business, and increase engagement as your followers start to "Like" and "Share" your content more often.

Call Pop Up

Increase Sales Calls From Your Website By Up To 70%, Stop Chasing Leads, and Start Closing Deals


This exclusive click-to-call technology lets you build on high-value engagements – creating a unique experience for prospects and customers.

70% of all "sales" go to the person that contacts the prospect first.

Gung Ho Local, LLC specializes in helping small business owners build their dream business, and find more new customers, right in their own backyard.


Branding + Websites + Digital Ads

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