As Your Certified Marketing


Do you want to generate more leads through better sales & marketing automation?

Imagine having a 20-yr Advertising and Marketing professional working part-time along side your team to build and execute a comprehensive marketing plan with:

multi-channel brand management

full-view project management

customer database management

multi-channel ad campaigns

sales cycle improvement

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Marketing (inbound)
-Get found & increase sales leads
Message: right person/place/time
Content development
Buyer personas
Blog posting
Website forms & landing pages
Customer testimonials & reviews
Track & report KPI analytics
Product Management
-Improve launch & market share
Define/research competitors
Features & benefits
Product images/keywords/bullets
Product use videos/webinars
Product comparisons
Technical data development
Packaging design
Advertising (outbound)
-Grow brand awareness & demand
Brand identity/Logos
Email campaigns
Social media (Video) ads
Direct mail campaigns
Print ad campaigns
Sales collateral
Trade show booth/banners