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As Your Certified Marketing


Do you want to generate more leads through better sales & marketing automation?

Imagine having a 20-yr Advertising and Marketing professional working part-time along side your team to build and execute a comprehensive marketing plan with:

multi-channel brand management

full-view project management

customer database management

multi-channel ad campaigns

sales cycle improvement

+ Download my step-by-step plan
Marketing (inbound)
-Get found & increase sales leads
Message: right person/place/time
Content development
Buyer personas
Blog posting
Website forms & landing pages
Customer testimonials & reviews
Track & report KPI analytics
Product Management
-Improve launch & market share
Define/research competitors
Features & benefits
Product images/keywords/bullets
Product use videos/webinars
Product comparisons
Technical data development
Packaging design
Advertising (outbound)
-Grow brand awareness & demand
Brand identity/Logos
Email campaigns
Social media (Video) ads
Direct mail campaigns
Print ad campaigns
Sales collateral
Trade show booth/banners

Hello, I'm Sean Fitzgerald.

I know first-hand what it takes to start and grow a Small Business.

After 20 years of working along-side successful entrepreneurs, as a Design & Marketing employee, I quit the "9-5 World" to follow my dream of building a "small-business-friendly” Creative Agency.


Since then, I've worked with over 100 Home Contractors and Small Business Owners to help them build THEIR dream business.


My goal is to make sure they never feel lost or forgotten - which is the number 1 complaint after hiring BIG Agencies. That's why I named my company GUNG HO LOCAL ... it literally means "work-together".

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